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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q: Why I had paid for VIP but it isn't activated successfully?

    A: Normally your VIP will be activated within 1 minute.
    ①Please ensure you have logged in to the right VIP account. Because Google registration and email registration are not the same accounts, even though they are the same email address.
    ②Try refreshing or re-logging.

    2. Q: Do Coolcam updates cost money?

    A: Never! Everyone could enjoy free updates service forever. Click here to download the newest version now.

    3. Q: Can I use my VIP on different PCs?

    A: Yes. Coolcam uses an advanced account system, so you can log in to your VIP account on any Windows computer to enjoy premium services.

    4. Q: Does Coolcam have any limited feature for VIPs?

    A: Absolutely No! Coolcam guarantees that all functions will be available for VIPs, including priority of agent support.